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"Between Subject & Object
is Quality

- Zen Saying -

The founder of Joseph Cummings, for whom the company is named, has been building custom furniture pieces since 1999. When he was 17 years old, Joseph started showcasing his creations at Bozeman art galleries. He also received his first order for custom furniture and was awarded a college scholarship for his work. Joseph went on to attend Montana State University's School of Architecture to refine his craft. 

The summer after his first year in architecture school, he received a large order for custom-built furniture. Upon discovering that he could turn his passion into a business, he opened his first company. In 2006, he sold the company to join the Marine Corps, where he completed two tours of duty. After returning, he rediscovered his passion for custom furniture creation and started this business venture in 2011. 

Joseph has worked for and with a myriad of other furniture makers, and in doing so has improved his skills. Using the knowledge he has gained over the years, he's developed a signature style of applying traditional joinery to new and creative forms in his own shop. When you order custom furniture pieces from Joseph Cummings, you'll discover for yourself the detail and care we put into every creation.  

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